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G-Off… thanks Mom & Dad. Lol. Named all of us kids with weird spellings of very normal names. Yes, I’m a Leap Year baby… and yes I celebrate my birthday every year… next question I always get on the Leap Year is… I’ll be able to drink legally in Leap Years when I’m 84, who’s buyin?!

Born and raised in this beautiful state and am a lifelong Blazer and Oregon Duck fan. When I’m not in studio on 104.7 KDUK I’m with my wife and kids exploring our state, going on vacation (usually Disney… our second home)… or I’m just being lazy with friends and family.

Love music, sports, and am a self-proclaimed techy (although my109 year old son knows more about technology sometimes than me and it’s irritating lol).

The show continues off air 24/7 on social media… connect with me! It’s @goffonair (Twitter  / Facebook / Instagram)… no Snapchat… I like being married… Snapchat doesn’t mix with marriage.

Thanks for listening!