OUR DIAPER CHALLENGE HAS COMMENCED! We want to collect 10,000 diapers to help the Eugene Mission – they are in need of diapers in sizes 4, 5, &6 – AND pull-ups in ALL sizes because they have many 2 and 3 year old kiddos at the Mission right now.


The 10k is individual diapers, so grab those Costco bulk packs or anything that you can afford! You may drop them off at our studio any weekday Monday-Friday 8a-5p. We are located at 1500 Valley River Dr in suite 350 in Eugene. If you live out of town put still want to help, you can order online/ship them to us if you want!! Send them like this: ATTN Amanda Burd, 1500 Valley River Dr suite 350, Eugene OR 97401


The challenge will end 5p on Tuesday 12/12 AND IF WE GET 10,000 DIAPERS….. Chino will DRESS AS A BABY! IN PUBLIC! We’re talking diaper, bib, bonnet, binky… the whole get-up. This is a rare offer from Chino so lets make it happen!!!