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Radiothon is a broadcast dedicated to raising awareness of, and money for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital – at Peace Health Riverbend. During our daily broadcasts you’ll hear interviews with families, parents, and staff involved in making more medical miracles happen for kids right here in Western Oregon.

100% stays LOCAL

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100% goes to provide medical equipment, treatment, training & care for sick & injured infants, children & teens, undergoing care at Riverbend REGARDLESS OF THEIR FAMILIES ABILITY TO PAY!

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Miracle Families, caregivers and dedicated sponsors join our radio celebrities and speak on-air, sharing their experiences and passions for helping sick kids. If you are in a Miracle Family, we would love to share your story next year. Send us an email and we’ll contact you with the details.

More info on CMN, Sacred Heart, and all the amazing things they do right here in Western Oregon…

CMN Facts

What is Children’s Miracle Network?

Children’s Miracle Network is a fundraising program of the PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation.  We are dedicated to raising funds to purchase vital medical equipment and supplies used in treating sick or injured infants and children at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Where does the money come from?

Money is raised through events, national sponsors and cause-marketing.  Annual events include our annual Radiothon, Kids Helping Kids (high school pageants), CMN Golf Classic, and annual Lunch at Tiffany’s Auction.  Some major national sponsors include Costco Wholesale, Dairy Queen and Wal-Mart.  Cause-marketing activities are fundraisers local inpiduals and businesses hold throughout the year.

How is the money spent?

One of Children’s Miracle Network’s founding commitments is to keep funds within the community in which they are generated.  All donations in this five county region go directly to Children’s Miracle Network at Sacred Heart Medical Center.  Children’s Miracle Network uses funds to provide life-saving pediatric care, education and research.  Over 30 PeaceHealth Oregon departments receive funding each year to help them better serve infants and children.

Why support Children’s Miracle Network®?

• 100% of all contributions go to care for kids treated at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center.  Funds are never spent for overhead or administrative costs.

• Sacred Heart treats all children regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

• Sacred Heart boasts the only Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit between Portland and Medford.  Premature and critically ill infants are transported from a five-county region.

NICU Facts

– There are 2,500-3,000 deliveries every year at Sacred Heart.

– There are 550-600 infants treated each year in Sacred Heart’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

– On average NICU patients have the longest length of stay in our hospital.

– We have 36 private patients rooms

– *Twins occur 1 in every 100 pregnancies (an average of 50 per year). In 2002, a record number of twins were all in the NICU at one time—7 sets!

– This year we have already had at least 7-8 sets

– Triplets occur 1 in every 2,000 pregnancies (the average is one set a year since 1988), in 1990 there were actually 4 sets born at the same time!

– This year we have already had two sets

– 1 out of 10 births at Sacred Heart are premature, accounting for 75% of all NICU admissions.

– The smallest baby ever treated in the NICU was 1 lb., dropping down to .75 lbs in 2014 (as of November 10, 2014 baby is still in the hospital at RiverBend)

– The largest baby ever treated in the NICU was 14 lbs. 14 oz.

– The unit also treats babies requiring specialized care from outlying communities (Lane, Coos, Benton, Douglas and Linn Counties) brought to Sacred Heart by the trained NICU Transport Team in the neonatal transport ambulance purchased with Children’s Miracle Network funds ($250,000).

– Our transport ambulance makes over 100 trips a year to pick up babies

– The NICU at Sacred Heart Medical Center is the only hospital to offer donor breast milk to our babies.  This is made possible by Children’s Miracle Network, and is so critical for our small babies who have a hard time digesting formula.

o This is very expensive, and just a couple ounces can cost up to $12.

– Babies treated in the NICU benefit from our amazing caregivers, a variety of specialized equipment and supplies.  All of this can add up quickly, and can cost families hundred of thousands of dollars.

o Because we are a non for profit hospital, regardless of a families ability to pay we will always treat these babies.

– The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Sacred Heart has been caring for infants for 29 years. The unit also treats babies requiring specialized care from outlying communities (Lane, Coos, Benton, Douglas and Linn Counties) brought to Sacred Heart by the trained NICU Transport Team in the new ambulance purchased with CMN funds.

– The NICU cares for a variety of infants. The largest population is premature infants born too early to sustain life on their own. The NICU cares for babies born as early as 23-24 weeks (or 6 months) weighing a little more than a pound; full term is 38-40 weeks gestation (or 9 months). Other admissions include those babies having had a difficult birth needing resuscitative measures, genetic disorders, multiple births, moms with medical problems, drug and/or alcohol history, and age-related problems including mothers in their early teens to their late forties.

– From the moment of birth, specialized neonatal medical equipment is used to monitor the infant. It is important for the NICU to be able to use the best state-of-the art equipment to give life support to babies in need.

Pediatric Facts

– As of the end of 2012 we have a new Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Zallen, at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

– The arrival of pediatric surgeon Garret Zallen, MD, from OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital means fewer Lane County children will themselves need to go to Doernbecher for treatment of cancer, congenital anomalies and other serious conditions. It also means that children needing a fairly routine procedure such as an appendectomy can be treated by a surgeon whose practice is dedicated solely to the care of children and to using minimally invasive techniques to help kids recover faster.

– We also, as of September 2013 have added a 2nd pediatric surgeon to our team, Dr. Ruscher

-In 2014 we welcomed Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Misty Carlson

– They are looking to expand our pediatric program and need our help

– On the wish list:

– Ronald McDonald House

– Pediatric Surgery Waiting Room

– Private ED entrance

– Patient Safety Center (Injury prevention program)

– Example of pediatric surgical equipment we purchased in 2013: Pectus Nuss – equipment used for minimally invasive surgery done on chest fall demormities, mainly in teenage males. Dr. Zallen is the most experienced surgeon in the state with this procedure. Cost of this piece of equipment alone is $33,000.

– Our Pediatric Unit has 16 private rooms for patients that are infants up to their teenage years.

– Equipment required for infants and children must be specially purchased in several sizes (blood pressure cuffs, IV cannulas, gowns, etc.)  This equipment is provided by Children’s Miracle Network.

– Pediatric/Adolescent Care Unit at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend is one of the few dedicated pediatric care facilities between San Francisco and Portland. It is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of hospitalized children and adolescents. Everything on the unit is designed for children, age newborn to 18.

– Telemedicine care is also utilized in pediatrics through a partnership with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, allowing direct real time access to pediatric intensivists for consultants and treatment.  This allows families with critically ill children to stay close to home for treatment and lean on their support system. We also work with small communities, like Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, so they can access the specialist we have here at RiverBend, as we treat a lot of the neonate population in Coos County.

– They offer a variety of other resources to make your stay more comfortable and to allow kids to be just that, kids.

– The Club House, an indoor activity area equipped with toys and activities for kids of all ages allowing kids to feel normal, as they do not always understand why they are sick and have to be in a hospital.

– A family waiting area with a TV, refrigerator, microwave, telephone and complimentary coffee, tea and sodas.

– You take for granted all of the amenities you have at home, which become important when you are with you child at the hospital and would not dream of leaving their side.

– An enclosed outdoor play area, the Tree-House, with comfortable seating and age specific activities; play area is screened in for safety and security.

– Visits by pet therapy volunteers and Tigger (the hugging tiger).

– Occasional serenades by the sounds of harps, flutes, guitars and other types of therapeutic music.