I’m McKayla Marie, and I am a singer-songwriter from Eugene, Oregon. I have been playing guitar since I was nine years old and writing songs since much earlier than that. In fact, my parents have a video of me performing my first ever original song when I was around five years old. Since then, I have written over a hundred songs and have got to perform them in front of so many amazing audiences. I mostly sing country music, but I have a tendency to break out of the genre, especially in my original music. Songwriting is important to me because I love being able to tell stories that give people something to relate to. My favorite reaction is when someone tells me that a story I wrote was just what they needed to hear as it matches their life perfectly. This is such a special way to get to connect to people, and I think that this is something that makes music so powerful.

Along with singing, there are a lot of things that I enjoy in my life! I really like cooking, wrestling, Crossfit, and building things. I also love spontaneous adventures… especially if they involve hiking. While all of these things are fun, music is my forever passion, and, I might add that, all the things that I like to do are also way better when music is added to the mix.

Music makes the world go ‘round, and it has made me into the person that I am today. I am so thankful for those who have continuously supported me and my music, and I am always looking forward to what is in store for the future.

McKayla Marie

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